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A little foresight can go a long way—make a plan now, so you know how to find and get in touch with your people when something happens. The same connections that are important in everyday life—with friends, family, neighbors, and communities—are even more crucial in a crisis.

Make a plan with your people.

Set up your meet up.

First, make an emergency plan with your inner circle of friends, relatives, or immediate family. That way, you will each know what to do in an emergency.

  • Select a few of your nearest and dearest. Who’s the group you’ll want to get in touch with if something happens?
  • Pick an out of state contact. Who can serve as a hub for information, if you can’t reach others in your local area?
  • Agree on a place to meet. How about a park? A landmark? Don’t choose a house—in case it’s inaccessible.

Imagine this.

SMCReady is always thinking about innovative new tools to help the citizens from San Mateo County and neighboring Counties to plan ahead—including a mobile app that would help you find and communicate with your loved ones in the event of a crisis. A few features are detailed below. Would you use a tool like this? Interested in collaborating with SMCReady to make this real? Send feedback to Jeff Norris, OES District Coordinator.

Geo-track your loved ones relative to your location, to quickly establish a meetup spot.

Send emergency group texts, with your location attached, to your inner circle of friends.

Find nearby shelter, food, and community resources.

What to do.

Print our Quake Guide to learn a few easy steps to keep your cool when the earth shakes.

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